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About Buddylube

The rhythm of your success!

Buddylube was founded last year by two music-industry veterans who spotted a new need in the marketplace. The founders, John Eaton and Jonathan Cohen, started an artist-management firm in 2003 and of course, noticed the online world’s potential to forge a “direct connection” between client bands and their fans.

Buddylube is a company that helps connect music stars with their fans through social media. Buddylube does this by working with social media companies to create custom promotions and features for the stars. Buddylube has been successful in helping stars like Enrique Iglesias and 50 Cent reach new fans and promote their music. Buddylube has been featured on many media outlets, such as NYTimes.


Buddylube isn’t just a music agency, it’s your launchpad to stardom. We have a passionate team of music enthusiasts dedicated to amplifying your talent and bringing your sonic vision to life. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower artists and musicians at every stage of your journey!

Artist Management

From shaping the artist’s brand and connecting them with ideal collaborators to overseeing album productions and managing intricate tour logistics, all while keeping finances and long-term career goals in sight, our artist managers ensure a smooth and successful journey for those pursuing musical dreams.

Music Publishing

We provide music publishing services to help artists manage and monetize the rights to their music, such as registration, licensing, royalty collection, marketing, and artist development. Partnering with BuddyLube provides artists with expertise, industry connections, streamlined processes, and financial security while providing peace of mind. Our audio mixing services and comprehensive publishing solutions allow artists to take control of their music and maximize its potential.

Artist Development

At our agency, we foster your talent with expert coaching, songwriting workshops, and production support, helping to sharpen and shape your craft while finding its unique sound. We believe strongly in music’s power to move us all. Let us show you how you can make an indelible mark on this world through your music!

Audio Mixing

We offer artists and musicians an extensive array of services, such as audio mixing. Audio mixing, an integral component of music production, involves combining and manipulating multiple recorded tracks into a coherent whole. We also offer recording in their state-of-the-art studio, editing, mastering, and musician hire services, as well as songwriting. We are your one-stop shop for all things related to musical production!

Music Promotion

At BuddyLube, we also offer a music promotion service designed to elevate artists and their music to new heights. Our services are centered on a strong commitment to fostering talent and promoting their distinct voices on various platforms. Our strategy revolves around a personalized touch, mixing creativity with industry expertise to supercharge artists’ careers. Among the most trusted social media marketing partners, we have Lenostube and their exceptional YouTube music promotion strategies.

Why People Prefer Buddylube

The backstage to your front page

Buddylube stands as an attractive option for musicians looking to elevate their careers.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a one-stop shop for musicians' needs, encompassing artist management, promotion, and marketing. This eliminates the hassle of seeking individual service providers, saving time and effort.

Experienced Team

We provide musicians with confidence-inspiring expert guidance through all stages of the music business and increase their chances of success. Our expertise can help artists navigate its complex waters to maximize success.

Personalized Approach

Musicians could benefit from Buddylube's commitment to understanding their individual needs and goals, providing tailored strategies and support that could maximize their potential.

Competitive Pricing and Value

Buddylube stands out as an attractive option for emerging artists with tight budgets who require services at competitive rates while providing excellent value.

Positive Brand Reputation

Buddylube stands out with its professionalism, integrity, and dedication to artist success as another factor that musicians rely on when selecting an agent or service to manage their careers. Musicians may trust Buddylube with managing their careers safely and openly.

Strong Marketing Presence

Buddylube could benefit from strong marketing and a dynamic online presence to reach its target audience of musicians, positioning itself as the top choice for representation.


What do users say?

Buddylube is the bridge between artists and the world we've been waiting for. It's more than just management, it's a movement.
I used to spend hours managing social media, chasing leads, and feeling lost. Buddylube took that all off my plate, freeing me to focus on creating the music. It's the creative reset I desperately needed.
Buddylube isn't just a manager, they're our biggest fan. They understand our music and vision, and fight tooth and nail to make it heard.